In order to obtain fine spherical iron powder (FSIP) from waste of steelmaking with consideration of law energy input and zero toxic emissions, the LIFE GreenPowder project aims to:

  • build a pilot plant with a capacity of 5t FSIP/day and a two-step reduction process by using hydrogen (continuous process);  
  • test and optimise the production process and bring the produced FSIP into a number of different MIM process types and 3D-printing applications at two subcontractors;
  • contribute to the market uptake of these additive manufacturing technologies (MIM, 3D-printing) with much reduced life cycle impacts compared to, for example, milling;

Reference: LIFE18 ENV/DE/000461

Start Date: 01/09/2019

Total Budget: 3,351,716 €

Project Location: Dresden & Oschatz , Saxony, Germany